Our Managing Partner has been at the forefront of unit trust work for many years. It is probably true to say that many of the primary documents used in the industry in Malaysia are his proto-types. Many foreign entities intending to distribute their investment products and services have made him their first point of reference in respect of Malaysian investment matters.

We have experience in everything that can be done by a law firm in so far as the unit trust and fund management industries are concerned, including the following:

  • Establishing and setting up unit trust management companies.

  • Merging unit trust management companies and asset management companies.

  • Establishing and setting up more than 100 unit trusts, wholesale funds and REITS – establishment and setting up would include advising on and attending to all documentation and submissions to the Securities Commission.

  • Conducting more than 50 Unit Holders’ Meetings (including attending to all pre-meeting documentation, the actual chairing and conduct of the meetings, and all post-meeting documentation).

  • Drafting all documentation used in the industry (including Prospectuses, Information Memoranda, Deeds, Investment Management Agreements, Transaction Forms, Distribution Agreements and Agency Agreements); the standard Deed adopted and used by the industry was prepared by our Managing Partner.

  • Advising unit trust management companies, fund managers and trustee companies in relation to regulatory compliance and breach.

  • Defending unit trust management companies, fund managers and trustee companies in court.




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