The Firm began as a sole proprietorship on 23 September 2021 after the retirement of our Christopher Foo from one of the largest full-service law firms in Malaysia on 22 September 2021. With the inclusion of new partners, who all previously practiced in the same full-service firm, the Firm became known as Juen, Jeat, Nic & Nair on 1 December 2021.

Led by a Managing Partner with more than 40 years of direct litigation experience at both trial and appellate levels, together with the support of 4 partners, all of whom possess substantial litigation experience, JJNN’s lawyers are able to protect our clients’ interests in all manner of disputes, whether in the courtroom or in alternative dispute resolution forums.

JJNN’s extensive experience goes beyond merely handling disputes for our clients. We are eminently capable of advising individuals and corporations on all their legal needs across the full spectrum of issues that may arise.

At JJNN, our service is both personal and professional; we stand ever ready to assist our clients secure the best possible outcomes timeously and efficiently, always keeping our clients’ specific needs in mind. 




We enjoy working with our clients and, more importantly, we want them to enjoy working with us. We understand that each client comes with their own unique legal problem and we strive to provide effective, personalised solutions, while building a relationship based on openness, trust, mutual respect and integrity.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that our work and service is consistently of the highest quality. Despite consistently performing in high pressured environments, our lawyers constantly strive to maintain professionalism in their dealings with clients, counter-parties, opposing solicitors, officers of the Courts and other adjudicatory bodies. In our pursuit of excellence, we endeavour to remain open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.


While our Firm consists of individual practitioners, we believe in teamwork and co-operation in delivering legal services. Our combined experiences and legal training, as well as our flexible approach, allows us to effectively advise our clients and work towards a practical and favourable resolution in every situation. We aim to remove the anxiety and confusion that the law creates by assuring our clients that their legal problems are handled practically and efficiently.



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